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A new compelling brand video for a cocktail event company.

Case Study

Case Study: Bootleggers Cocktails Brand Video Production

Client: Bootleggers Cocktails

Challenge:Bootleggers Cocktails needed to stand out in the crowded beverage market with a unique brand video that captured their distinct identity and appealed to their target demographic. The challenge was to create a visually stunning and emotionally compelling video that embodied their innovative spirit.


  1. Create a high-impact brand video that enhances Bootleggers Cocktails' visibility and distinctiveness in the beverage industry.
  2. Utilize advanced technological tools to develop a video that resonates with both current customers and potential new audiences.
  3. Integrate strategic storytelling with cutting-edge visual effects to convey the brand's message and ethos effectively.

Solution:The agency deployed a combination of 3D rendering, AI-driven animation, and sophisticated post-production techniques aligned with strategic marketing objectives to produce a captivating brand video for Bootleggers Cocktails.


  • Client Engagement: We began with an immersive engagement phase to deeply understand Bootleggers Cocktails’ brand ethos, target audience, and market positioning, ensuring our creative approach was perfectly aligned with their business objectives.
  • Conceptualization and Storyboarding: Insights gained during the engagement phase informed our storyboarding, where we visually sketched the advert's narrative arc to ensure logical flow and emotional engagement.
  • Technological Innovation in Production: We utilized existing 3D renders of Bootleggers’ products, enhancing them with advanced AI tools for hyper-realistic and cost-effective visuals, setting a dynamic foundation for animation.
  • Animation and Editing: AI-driven tools were employed to animate these renders, achieving fluid and visually striking motion. Our editing team ensured these animations matched the storyboard’s vision through seamless scene transitions and narrative pacing.
  • Music and Sound Design: A bespoke musical score was composed to synchronize perfectly with the visuals, enhancing the video's emotional impact and memorability.
  • Color Grading and Finishing Touches: The final color grading phase adjusted visuals to reflect Bootleggers’ brand palette, enhancing the mood and tone to ensure consistency and visual appeal.


  • The brand video significantly enhanced Bootleggers Cocktails' market presence, leading to increased brand recognition and engagement across multiple platforms.
  • The video was instrumental in attracting a broader audience, contributing to a measurable increase in inquiries and sales following its release.

‍This project demonstrated the power of blending advanced technology with creative storytelling to produce a brand video that not only meets but exceeds client expectations. By leveraging AI and 3D rendering, alongside traditional narrative techniques, We delivered a visually stunning and strategically impactful video that has set new standards in digital marketing within the beverage industry.

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