3 Ways to Make Your Website Copy More Engaging and Actionable

3 Ways to Make Your Website Copy More Engaging and Actionable

When was the last time you landed on a website and got sucked into reading? The messages resonated. The copy seemed laser targeted to overcoming a particular problem. It didn't take a PhD to figure out how the solution would make your life a lot better.

If you can't remember, don't feel bad. Most marketing copy falls short. Jargon-riddled, feature-laden, and lifeless. Here are three ways you can make your website copy more engaging and actionable:

Understand Your Customer’s Why

It’s important to know not only what your customers expect when they land on your website but also the kinds of words they use when they think about your product or service and what sort of challenge they hope to overcome with your help.

Let's do a little exercise. Imagine trying to decide between grabbing a meal at two different burger joints operating side by side with only thirty seconds to make a decision. To make things more interesting, you're a vegetarian. Eating organic is important to you, as well as steering clear of processed foods.

You quickly glance at the menus for both restaurants and find a veggie burger option on each one. Phew! You think to yourself. At least I'll have something to eat. With a few seconds left to make your decision, you notice a sign above the menu on one of the restaurant's windows that says, "We only use organic ingredients harvested from sustainable farms and ranches."

The words organic, harvested, and sustainable leap out at you. These are words you actively seek out when shopping at the grocery store. As if by magic, they have appeared in precisely the right spot at the right time to catch your attention. Decision made. You walk into the restaurant without so much as a second thought.

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