7 Proven Ways to Optimize Your Website for Leads

7 Proven Ways to Optimize Your Website for Leads

Website optimization is the process of using tools, advanced strategies, and experiments to improve the performance of your website, further drive more traffic, increase conversions, and grow revenue.

The issue with most websites is that they were constructed as either graphic design masterpieces to show off designing skills, or as a quickly put together after-thought within a hurry to start a business.

Let us show you how you can refocus your site into a consumer-luring siren song! First and foremost, you should start with…

A Solid Foundation

Just like your home, there isn’t any point painting the walls if you constructed it on quicksand. The same goes with a site. There isn’t any point having somebody pay your site a visit if they’re just going to leave a few minutes later, oftentimes unsatisfied.

Ideally, your site requires the following in place to get things off to an exceptional start:

An Appealing Design

If you need to show prospects that you’re serious about your company, you must present a professional face online. That means having your site professionally designed.

Keep Your Site Operating Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Similar to a fine-tuned vehicle, a site must be tuned and maintained to optimally run and avoid hiccups. Even though this might not seem that critical, many of the things you do to keep a site up and running also affect your visitors. Imagine if your e-commerce shop was down for one hour?

Make the Most Critical Things Convenient to Find

It’s where your links and navigation in places such as the footer and sidebar come into play. You must ensure the most crucial pages on your site are convenient to find. Things such as the contact page, your service or product pages, or any additional pages of importance in producing income (or leads) for your company must be easy to find.

Drive Visitors Toward Your Goals

Knowing that your site is there to get folks to fulfill your primary business goals is key to your success online. Sure, your site must run smoothly and look great, yet layered on top of this is something we refer to as conversion-focused design. The idea is easy: always remember you’re attempting to get visitors to a certain goal on your site. What these goals are depends upon you and the kind of site you have.

Keep Search Engines Satisfied

Many folks believe SEO is all about Google. That was once true, yet the search algorithms changed so much in recent times that the tables have turned. These days, website search engine optimization is about your visitors. Which is also ideal for making more sales! Therefore, when we discuss keeping the search engines satisfied, we’re really referring to your customers/visitors, as well.

There are lots of factors which come into play on a site to make your search engine vision come true, yet they all are worth it in the long-term. We’ve touched on some of them in the first part, by caring for your site fundamentals; however now, let’s cover two more:

Mobile Ready

On Page SEO

Build Email List

An email list is among your most vital business assets apart from your site. The reason for that is that it’ll give you direct accessibility to the inboxes of those who’ve given you permission to get in touch with them through email. Not just that, yet according to this Econsultancy survey email is among the most effective sales channels available.

Therefore, even though you might be having a ton of success with your store, your offline networking, or your website, it’s always worth building an email list. Even if it’s simply for a rainy day.

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