How Improved CX Creates Brand Differentiation

How Improved CX Creates Brand Differentiation

Customer Experience (CX) is a broadly discussed business topic. Businesses worldwide are beginning to change their marketing emphasis towards building a more intuitive, better user experience. It’s the time right now to implement customer experience business strategies.

These are 6 key areas that ought to be considered:

  • Channel flexibility
  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Personalization
  • Purchase convenience
  • Service convenience
  • Reachability

Crafting an Improved CX

Segment Customers and Customize Their Experience to Fit Each Group’s Needs. You must know who your customers are if you want a customer-centric strategy. But it should not stop there. You ought to group your prospective clients into relevant categories to develop customized functions based upon your knowledge of their needs.

Make an Emotional Connection

If you’re looking for a unique customer experience for your company, setting up an emotional connection with users should be a must. Journal of Consumer Research studies have proven that over 50 percent of customer experience is based upon emotions which assist in shaping decisions. As emotions are involved in using a service or a product, customers wind up being a lot more involved, which is fantastic for loyalty and engagement.

Gain insight In Real Time Then Work on It

Get feedback using post-interaction surveys which may be performed through calls, email, and additional automated tools to discover more about what they need. Real-time insight also will determine if your services or products still are efficiently fulfilling their needs and where improvements must be made.

Generate A Consistent Experience by Using Several Channels

Various channels are currently available to consumers yet be certain to improve and innovate all of your channels to provide new experiences in conjunction with reliability on a steady basis. Apply the proper metrics and utilize customer satisfaction tools that also measure the efficiency of each channel.

Do Not Utilize Technology for Technology’s Sake

A few companies do not know that technology only should enhance a customer’s experience in conducting business, and not overshadow it. Improvements have to be founded in differentiation, and for its long-range value for the business—not only for innovation.

Great CX still requires human engagement. Strike a balance between the psychological insights of marketing and the enthusiasm of your IT department and ensure that improvements are geared toward solving consumer problems.

Stay Away from High-Effort Experiences

One other typical mistake while utilizing technology for customer service includes eliciting amazement from the audience. Whether or not you use technology, reaching out shouldn’t require that much effort from your customers.

Long-range Dedication to Customer Delight

Satisfying customers ought to become part of your organization’s DNA—encourage employees and stakeholders to come up with innovative concepts on how to make it possible. Value that is added through excellent service will set up your position as a go-to brand for your target market.

Personalize your Brand

Find out each persons’ past purchases, preferences, shopping histories, and demographics, and tailor the service based upon those. Tie the brand to an experience that customers can recall as something that’s their own.

Use High-Quality Framework to Train Team

Apart from using technology, you also should hone your team to improve customer service. Recognize what your customers are discussing about the quality of your service and compare it to the experience you’ve defined. From that point, it’s possible to identify the training requirements of every customer support team member.

Measure ROI

In order to check if all of your customer service efforts are actually paying off, utilize metrics and tools such as the NPS (Net Promoter Score) that gathers information by asking questions such as, “Would you strongly recommend this business to a relative or friend?”

Develop Competitive Advantage with Customer Experience

As your customers are satisfied with your service or product, you will not just see a boost in revenue, yet you also keep your customers and obtain more along the way—because of the satisfied customers who continually support you.

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Videos are flexible, easily shareable and an engaging means of providing content to consumers in a way that gives them a clear picture of your message. Videos are consumer favourites because they are entertaining and require minimal effort to digest. For marketers and brand owners, videos provide a significantly larger ROI across many channels when compared to the content formats.

If you still harbour some doubts over the effectiveness of videos in brand exposure, these reasons should change your mind.

1. Add a touch of personality to your brand and message

Having your brand/marketing messages reflect your personality is a proven way of earning consumer trust and creating more personal connections.

Conventionally written copy mostly hits users as dreary; a recent survey found that users ignore 73 % of banner copies! Infusing your brand with your personality through videos reassures your visitors that they are dealing with something real. Videos give off an air of ease and approachability and encourage visitors to interact with your brand.

2. An SEO hack

Videos make up 70% of the top 100 search results; this bit of statistic says all there is. The SEO advantages of promoting your brand through videos are endless. Google and other search engines rate videos highly because there’s a high chance that there are already hundreds of articles concerning the subject.

Another way videos help with SEO is that they increase the duration of user visits on your page. This metric is an essential consideration in SEO ranking; besides, the longer visitors spend on your page, the more chance you have of converting them to customers.

3. Easier to remember than written copy

Be honest, how often do you remember a random AdWords ad that showed up on your screen? Probably never.

The average internet user is exposed to hundreds of marketing ads daily, and it’s quite challenging to make an impression. Videos catch the attention faster and register in ways that copy ads cannot equal. Even when a written ad succeeds in capturing attention, there’s only a slim chance that it’ll stick to memory. Alternatively, videos have a higher chance of sticking to mind, and the result is that users become familiar with your brand even before they become your customers.

4. Encourages shares on social media

The fact that most social media networks encourage the use of videos is a significant pointer to the relevance of videos. A lot of them have implemented new features to aid video sharing. Facebook did this by introducing 3600 Video, Live Video, and Lifestage (a teen-targeted video centred app). Instagram launched 60-Second Videos, highlights & Instagram Stories while Twitter did the same by introducing Periscope.

Creating a branded video that is entertaining pushes users to share it with family and friends across through social media feeds (76% of users admit to being open to sharing entertaining marketing videos with their friends if they found it interesting). I’m pretty sure you’ve never been sent an ad copy that someone thought interesting.

5. Videos engage lazy and busy users

The ease of consumption of videos is probably its most appealing feature. We are all so constantly bombarded with content that our attention spans are at an all-time low. In a few seconds, a well-made video can show tell your client all about your product and let them see it in action. This way of presenting information appeals to even the laziest users!

It’s crucial to create your videos to capture both the eyes and ears of users, also make them as brief and straightforward as possible.

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