Why You Need Website Service Retainers

Why You Need Website Service Retainers

Websites are not wildflowers that thrive by themselves once planted. Handling websites is more like growing Zebra plants, which are natives to the Amazon, in the Arctic. It means they need constant care, inspection, and nourishment.

You must have encountered websites that look like those from the early 2000s or that show the full desktop width of the webpage on your mobile. These website owners probably got their website built once and forgot about it.

If you want your website to be more than just a showpiece, you have to optimize and troubleshoot it from time to time to achieve the best results. However, most business owners and executives don’t have time or expertise for website maintenance. That’s where website service retainers come in. In this article, we discuss how website retainers work and why you should need one.

Benefits of Website Service Retainers

With the digital world evolving every day, keeping up with the latest changes can be difficult. Businesses that adapt fast have an edge over their competitors. Here are some of the benefits of website service retainers and how they help you keep your website updated.

Maintenance and Testing

To keep your website safe from hackers and spam attacks, your website needs to be regularly tested for bugs and security threats. Also, outdated plugins are more prone to external attacks. If your company doesn’t have an in-house IT team, you need to outsource someone to keep an eye for updates, bugs, server, and act independently if required. If your website service retainer includes routine plugin maintenance, bug testing, and server security analysis, it gives you peace of mind that your website security is in the right hands.


When you have found a good web developer, it’s better to keep them close. Suppose you got your website built without a retainer and run into some problems later on that need to be fixed immediately. Great web developers are in high demand and might not be available when you need them the most. With a retainer service, you are assured that you have your back covered.

Content Adding and Editing

What do you do when you need to add a new blog post or change the website copy of your landing page? You encounter these situations often when you’re actively improving and optimising your website. Even if you have the ability to easily navigate through the WordPress publishing tool or its alternatives, it is a time-consuming process. You can use this time to invest in areas they need you the most.

Digital Marketing Support and Consultation

A standalone website is not enough to attract traffic, spread awareness about your brand, engage users, and convert them into customers. You need the entire digital marketing ecosystem. If your website is the engine, your digital marketing strategy is the fuel. An agency retainer that includes digital marketing support helps you to rank your webpages higher in the search engines, integrate social media into your website, increase your email subscribers, and much more. Digital marketing support comes in many forms – from as simple as setting up your social media campaigns to building complex sales funnels and ad campaigns.

No Surprise Costs

We all have faced situations when we are quoted for a service more than it’s worth. With website service retainers, your maintenance costs are consistent and predictive. So you don’t have to compare different vendors and negotiate with them whenever you need help with your website. Working with a long-term partner, as compared to a one-time project, also ensures that you have a lesser chance to get ripped off or underdelivered.

Better Understanding of Your Brand and Business

When you go with other web designers, they probably won’t understand your website and requirements as well as the one who built your website. Retainers are usually long-term partnerships that ensure that your web design agency is better aligned with your industry and long-term goals. They can offer valuable insights and show you the right direction not just for your website but also for your overall digital presence. A website service retainer also helps build mutual trust, where you get quick responses and priority treatment when needed.

Romulus Dynamics is a Human-Centered Web Design Agency

At Romulus Dynamics, we believe in long-term partnerships with our clients and have different retainer plans for different needs. Get in touch with us to know more about our plans. We not only create elegant, responsive and mobile-friendly websites but websites that drive conversions and growth. Our design focuses on the end-user which bridges the gap between you and your visitors.

If you need help with a website or your digital strategy, go ahead and reach out to Romulus Dynamics today!

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