Video To Consumer Conversion

Video To Customer Conversion

To increase customer conversion, you have to do more than just uploading any video to YouTube or your website. You’ve got to get creative about your video content. You’ve got to seek for better ways that make your video do what it is meant to do – drive conversions.

In the past, it was only large companies that could afford to create brand videos or commercials. But now it has become way more inexpensive to create your videos and publish them online.

How important is an online video in today’s world?

When you use your search engine to search for something, videos appear in 70% of the top 100 results. Also, did you know that 62% of buyers watch review videos for the products they want to buy before purchasing them? That’s right. In fact, in one survey, 84% of buyers said they got convinced to make purchases after watching a product video.

What’s more? Your conversions can increase by more than 80% if you have a video on your landing page. 56% of consumes expect to find a video on a company’s website.

Almost all video marketers, 97% of them, will tell you that videos help to increase product/service understanding for users, and 76% of them report that videos boost their sales.

Before we look at ways in which videos help increase conversion rates, let’s go into a few types of videos you can create that are proven to increase conversion.

4 types of conversion increasing videos

  1. Product Videos: Basically, a product video is a video that showcases the features of your products and also shows them in action. This type of video is a very effective way of making potential customers convinced of your product and turning them into buying customers. Product videos are crucial especially when there isn’t a physical showroom or store where they can personally see the products before making a purchase.
  2. Educational videos: Educational videos are videos that provide information to your customers about your niche or specific areas of your niche; these videos are extensively used to nurture sales over a long period of time.
  3. How-To Videos: These are a bit distinct from educational videos in that they provide in-depth how-to information about just anything; including step-by-step instructions about your industry as a whole, down to a more specific topic like how they can use your product. They usually provide answers to the questions users may have before making a purchase.
  4. Customer Testimonial Videos: People trust the opinions of other people a whole lot more than you may think. When other people talk about your product or service, it gives your brand credibility. Make sure you reach out to your happy customers and ask them to make a quick testimonial video for you to post on your website and share across all your social media platforms.

4 ways videos help to boost consumer conversion rates

The auditory and visual nature of videos has a way of captivating consumers much more than any other type of content. Videos enable businesses to tell a fuller brand story that triggers the emotions of consumers and more effectively provokes them to take the intended action(s).

Product videos provide proof that online buyers need to make their purchasing decisions. Many times, we get sceptical when we see some items online that we wish to buy. We are not sure if the colour would come different or if it is of a different size than we imagined (or that its product photo suggests).

A product video can help online shoppers see those products as they are, their features and also see them in action. This gesture goes a long way in convincing them that they are making the right decision.

Videos can help your customers answer any questions they might have about your product. Many users have some questions that they need answered before they will make a purchase. Creating amazing videos that answer possible user questions will help you convert these potential buyers faster.

Videos are shared 1200% more times across social media platforms than texts and links combined. Think about that! Create great brand videos that are worth sharing, and soon you’ll have your brand flying around different social media platforms, skyrocketing your conversion rates.


Without a doubt, you should already know you need great videos. You can decide to hire professionals and add them to your team or get your videos done by video production companies. So start strategising right away. Script, shoot, edit and publish your video and watch conversion rates boom or contact Romulus Dynamics today for a strategy call!

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