Why Video Is the Most Effective ROI and Medium of Social Advertising

Why Video Is the Most Effective ROI and Medium of Social Advertising

There is an abundance of different kinds of videos available and part of crafting an efficient content marketing plan is having a strong understanding of your purpose before sitting down and creating a social media video advertising. You want to ensure that both the kind of the video and channel purpose match the purpose of the video itself.

Here is a breakdown of where it’s possible to be using different kinds of videos:

Explainers will help educate folks about your product and may be used along with customer service activities, instructions, and an entire other variety of applications.

Interviews will assist in encouraging conversation between sides or highlight a special influencer or guest.

Demo videos and product reviews may be made by brand ambassadors in exchange for a free product.

Live video is your best opportunity to get up close and personal with the audience, and it’ll work well especially on social channels.

5 Statistics that Prove Marketers Have to Have Video

Educating and Informing

97 percent of marketer’s state that videos assist customers in understanding products. Marketers these days are no longer taking a pitching kind of approach – the reason? There simply are too many choices available. Businesses and consumers just do not need to be sold to; instead, they are conducting a fast, online search to locate the best product in their community or in the world where they will proceed to order it on the internet. Marketers in many industries should approach audiences with a value-based offer rather than a “sale.” Videos excel at providing customers an up-close look at a service, product, or a teacher or influencer.


By 2021, more than 80 percent of all traffic will comprise of video. The search engines like videos because they see them as quality content, so to that end, utilizing videos in different kinds of content and on your main website pages will work wonders for your search engine optimization — so long as the videos themselves are also properly optimized. That means incorporating the proper keywords, a strong title and a solid meta description.

Remaining Competitive

81 percent of companies are currently making use of video for marketing. Videos are incredible for getting all types of messages out there, and if thinking in terms of practicality, a unique, short explainer video will do a world of difference as it’ll come to educating folks on the ins and outs of your product. By using unique types of media and storytelling it’s possible to easily grab people’s attention and hold it while they actually are entertained. Depending upon how it fits your product, you might want to use an illustrated or animated explainer video to stand apart from the competition.

Getting Personal

By 2021, live video is going to account for 13 percent of traffic. Have your ever wanted to check out Instagram stories or Facebook Live? If you are in a digital marketing job, or you are headed in that direction, you will have to learn how you can create basic videos and then optimize them. Snapchat and Instagram Stories are both fantastic for giving folks intimate glimpses or personal, short glances of what you are up to and they are excellent creative tools. The intriguing thing about such videos is that they are only up for twenty-four hours so it creates more of a real-time feel.

Boosting Conversions

90 percent of consumers state a video will assist them in making a buying decision. According to Wyzowl, 74 percent of folks who get a chance to view a product in action through an explainer video will purchase it. Landing pages are wonderful places to put videos, as well. — supposedly increasing conversion rates by as much as 80 percent. One other reason why video is fabulous for conversions on sites is that they keep folks around for long enough to browse the website. It’s especially a fact for the ones who are not big readers. Supposedly folks viewing a video stick around for at least two minutes longer if there is a video.


Video isn’t just fun it really is one of the leading methods of getting up close with your audience and provide them a glimpse of what you and your company or clients are doing. Think beyond product and profit – share details on an interesting event, show them something about your philosophy, or provide valuable information. The more they have knowledge regarding your positive practices, the more likely they will be to stick around.

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